Dino Storm: The Fight for Honor and Fame in Dinoville Attracts More Than 1 Million Gamers

  • More than 1,000,000 registrations since Beta started in 2012
  • 3D browser game by Splitscreen Games nominated for “MMO of the Year” Award 2013

Hamburg, February 8, 2013 – Dinosaurs in the Wild West? This unusual combination works just perfectly for Dino Storm: In this free-to-play game, a gold rush is luring countless outlaws and adventurers into the small town of Dinoville. Players face huge prehistoric animals as well as ruthless bandits, they conquer outposts, supply camps and gold mines. Together they try to uphold law and order and at the same time compete fiercely for reaching the most honorable position in the game: The Sheriff of Dinoville. The action MMO developed by Splitscreen Games has just passed the one million mark in registrations and has been nominated for “MMO of the Year 2013”.

350,000 Registrations in Five Weeks

In the detailed 3D environments of Dino Storm, players are tasked with a great variety of exciting quests. The game has a low entry barrier which makes it available to a large target demographic. Viral propagation has been strong since the start of Open Beta. The majority of users has indeed been acquired through viral means – facebook for example – and without using any performance marketing. From the beginning of this year alone, Dino Storm has seen 350,000 new registrations.

Dino Storm Nominated for “MMO of the Year” Award

The MMO’s unique genre mix and gameplay also impressed the jury of the “MMO of the Year” award, so they chose to nominate Dino Storm for the „Best Action Browser MMO“ category.
The “MMO of the Year” award is actually a twofold affair: There is a jury prize for one of the nominees as well as a public award that is based on popularity and skips the need of being nominated entirely. Both jury and public cast their votes in 21 different categories, spanning multiple platforms and a large number of titles. Award winners are announced on February 15th..