Dino Storm Rocks “MMO of the Year“ Award

Double Award: 3D browser game by Splitscreen Games wins Best Action Browser MMO 2013 award for both jury and audience votes.

Hamburg, February 21st, 2013 – The free2play browser game Dino Storm by Splitscreen Games has been awarded “MMO of the Year” in the Best Action Browser MMO category. Remarkably both jury and audience cast their vote independently of each other for the game with the unique setting. Over 200,000 gamers worldwide joined the user voting for “MMO of the Year”, which is four times the number of last year. Through this year’s huge international success “MMO of the Year” has become one of the most important awards in online gaming overall and the reference for massively multiplayer games.

Timm Geyer, Managing Director of Splitscreen Games: “We are very happy about the awards. Especially that both jury and audience have voted for Dino Storm is something we are very proud of and which is a great acknowledgement of our work.” The action MMO stands out for its spectacular browser based 3D graphics, its easy access as well as its unique trademark setting characterized as “Cowboys, Dinosaurs and Laser Guns”.

This unique combination works out very well, proven by a remarkable growth in new players: Just recently, Dino Storm has passed the 1 million registrations mark and has attracted more than 500,000 new players since commercial launch at the end of 2012. The game’s detailed 3D environments all revolve around honor and fame. Players join exciting quests and solve varied tasks for the citizens of Dinoville, for example defending the town against bandits and other players. Only those who outshine their rivals through training their dinosaurs and upgrading their laser guns to the fullest extent will become Sheriff of Dinoville.